Our vision is to Conserve, Protect, and Restore our Earth’s Natural Resources through the application of innovative technologies and services. We are dedicated to research and innovation to provide high quality, cost effective environmental systems and solutions.


Our mission is to expand the use of practical and innovative environment solutions by businesses to increase profitability and sustainability. By “Expand”, we mean to increase the number of users of environment solutions and increase the applications of environment solutions. How we do this is through advocacy to persuade governments, industries and businesses to adopt best practices, and through innovation we provide businesses with the right technology and solutions that are cost effective and meet the challenges of the environment they operate in.


We strive to understand our customers' needs, their business and competition. We are dedicated to providing high quality, cost effective environmental systems and turnkey solutions.


Experienced in serving organizations in diverse industries, our focus has been in waste-water effluent treatment. Our solutions have not only helped our customers’ bottom lines, they have opened up new markets for them. In today’s ultra competitive markets, enterprises from emerging markets have to show that they are capable of meeting global standards. These standards include effective production cost management, technology, and now, Eco responsibility. For the MNCs, the presence of Flagship Ecosystems and our proprietary solutions like the Trident™ Water Solutions is a mark of quality assurance. Conventional treatments cannot meet all the discharge criteria of the textile manufacturer’s customers. Flagship Ecosystem solutions and waste-water strategy of Staged Contaminant Removal (SCR) Process  can ensure that the manufacturer is fully compliant and meets ALL pollutant criteria for a specific waste stream. We have case studies, customer references and independent environmental impact studies on the effectiveness of our solutions.


We believe our responsibility is to understand and satisfy environmental needs. Working with governments, industries and businesses, we strive to protect our natural environment while meeting the economic needs of the communities we work in.